Naperville Residents Beware: Scammers Pose as Police in Gift Card Scheme


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NAPERVILLE, Ill. – The Naperville Police Department has sounded the alarm, alerting local residents and businesses about an emerging phone scam that’s causing concern in the community. Fraudulent callers, claiming to represent the Naperville Police Department, FOP (the officers’ union), or MAP (the sergeants’ union), have been reportedly pressuring individuals into sending money, particularly in the form of gift cards.

Authorities want to emphasize that neither the department nor its affiliated unions would ever solicit money over the phone. Moreover, the popular tactic of using gift cards as a form of payment is a known scamming strategy, which should raise immediate red flags for recipients.

In addition to these warnings, the police are urging the public to be wary of trusting their caller ID entirely. Sophisticated scammers have the capability to “spoof” or falsify official phone numbers, making their deceitful calls seem legitimate at first glance.

Residents and business owners are advised to remain vigilant, always verify the identity of any caller requesting money, and promptly report any dubious or suspicious calls to the police. The community’s safety and awareness are paramount in thwarting these deceptive tactics.


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