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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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COVID-19 numbers falling in Joliet, 384 confirmed cases, 35 dead

Mayor Bob O’Dekirk addressed the press earlier this morning for an update on the state of COVID-19 in the City of Joliet, including daily cases inside of the City, an update on Stateville Prison and the current status on ventilators at area hospitals.

“Previously we were seeing about 30 new cases a day that slowed down last week to about half, 15 or 16, it spiked again on Saturday and Sunday back to 30.  I’m happy to report the numbers have dropped this week, we’re seeing about 20 new cases appearing a day,” said Mayor Bob O’Dekirk at a press conference earlier today.

Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox reports as of Friday 869 COVID-19 tests have been given to area residents, with 54 testing positive for the disease.  There are currently 20 people under investigation awaiting results within the hospital.  So far, Silver Cross has discharged 107 cases of COVID-19.  The Hospital now has 18 ventilators available for incoming patients.

At St. Joes Hospital in Joliet, 44 positive COVID-19 patients are currently being treated with 17 under investigation awaiting results.  St. Joes has 25 ventilators now available for incoming patients.

“That’s good news that both our hospitals are maintaining very well,” Mayor O’Dekirk said.

Stateville Prison is reporting today 118 positive COVID-19 among prisoners with 70 departments of corrections officers who have tested positive for the Virus.  The National Guard remains on site at the Prison quarantining prisoners and setting up additional tents to house inmates who’ve contracted the Virus.  Some prisoners are still being sent to area hospitals for treatment.

As of this morning, there have been 384 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Joliet residents with 35 deaths due to the contraction of the disease. 

During this morning’s Press Conference concerns at Joliet Nursing Homes were addressed.

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