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Frankfort Mayor addresses citizens, makes benches, gazebo unusable

Frankfort Mayor Jim Holland announced this week he’s asked Village staff to make tables, chairs, benches, gazebos and playgrounds in the area temporarily unusable. Additionally, to enforce these closures, non-police employees will patrol downtown to enforce social distancing standards.

“The bike trail is ten feet wide.” Mayor Holland said in a statement on Friday, “That means that people should pass each other single file rather walking or riding right on opposite edges of the trail. Sidewalks are only three feet wide, so when passing, one party must walk well onto the grass or street.”

Frankfort is one of many areas of Will County that has experienced several COVID-19 cases, with several area residents already vented in hospitals. “This dangerous disease is here and spreading,” said Mayor Holland, “It’s up to each of us to stay at home as much as possible and above all, to avoid gathering.
Over the years, our downtown has become a gathering place and when we see a friend there it is natural to stop and chat assuming they won’t give us COVID-19. The Problem is that medical professional tell us that people who have been exposed to the disease may not even know they have it, but they may be spreading it to others. Let’s take this social distancing seriously and stop the spread of COVID-19 in Frankfort.”

As of Saturday night, Will County had 606 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 13 deaths as a direct result of contracting the disease.

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