Coast to Coast: State Troopers Flaunt their Style in Best Looking Cruiser Showdown


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Indianapolis, IN – State troopers from across the nation are eagerly participating in the annual “Best Looking Cruiser Contest” organized by the American Association of State Troopers (AAST). 

With an impressive participation rate of 46 out of 50 states, this highly anticipated event provides a unique platform for local law enforcement agencies to engage with their communities and creatively showcase their state. While Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Oklahoma have decided not to join the contest this year, the enthusiasm among the participating troopers is palpable.

Previous winners of the “Best Looking Cruiser Contest” have set the bar high for this year’s contenders. The Indiana State Troopers garnered attention with their sleek cruisers showcased at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Kansas State Troopers made a bold statement with their cruisers photographed amidst a picturesque field of majestic buffaloes, capturing the essence of their state’s natural beauty. Meanwhile, Tennessee State Troopers showcased their pride for their musical heritage by featuring their cruisers at the renowned Grand Ole Opry.

All eyes are now on the Kentucky State Police, who have secured victory in the annual contest for two consecutive years. Their impressive display of style and excellence has made them the team to beat this year. With their sights set on a triple crown of their own, Kentucky State Police are determined to maintain their reign as the undisputed champions of cruiser aesthetics.

As voting is now underway and will continue until the end of the month, enthusiasts and supporters are encouraged to cast their votes for their favorite cruisers. Supporters are urged to visit the provided link, where they can vote once a day on each of their electronic devices, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear.

The top 13 cruisers, as determined by public votes, will earn the coveted spots in the AAST’s 2024 calendar. The cruiser ranked number one will have the honor of gracing the calendar cover as well as being featured as the prestigious January car.

Cast your vote and let your passion for sleek cruisers shine through, as the nation eagerly awaits the results of this highly anticipated contest.


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